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Here we have collected together some guidance to help you understand how to improve and optimise your gut health with Entralive probiotics. These are the questions that customers commonly ask us, but if you have a specific question just send us a message.

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The right dosage

Entralive is not a drug, so you can vary your intake each day until you reach your optimum digestive health. Start with one teaspoon per day, then adjust the amount depending on how you feel.

A healthy person should need only one teaspoonful every one or two days to maintain a good bacterial balance. Those with significant dysbiosis (an imbalance between good and bad bacteria) may benefit from a teaspoonful each meal time. This is because food feeds the bad bacteria and allows them to multiply. This multiplication is reduced if Entralive is consumed with the food.

Because the product contains prebiotic fibre (an ingredient present in baked beans), the worst that can happen if you take a lot within a short period is the same as would happen if you ate too many baked beans. Need we say more?


By the time a child is two years old, their intestinal microflora is the same as an adult’s. By this time it is quite safe to give Entralive probiotics to them. The amount given should be proportional to their weight: if a child weighs a quarter of the average adult, then divide the amount by four.

It’s highly unusual, but a small number of individuals may experience a negative reaction to the product at first. These reactions can usually be explained by either an allergy or intolerance to one of the ingredients in the product, or to a healing crisis (known as the Herxheimer Reaction).

A food intolerance is an adverse reaction to a food. It generally takes longer for symptoms to emerge, and is not likely to be caused by an immediate immune response to the food or food ingredient.

For anyone that experiences either a Herxheimer Reaction when taking the product, or who may have a food intolerance, we recommend starting with a small portion per day (at a level that does not cause a reaction, such as the amount on the tip of a teaspoon). You can gradually increase this level over a period of two weeks until the desired amount is reached.

If you know that you’re likely to experience an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in our products, we recommend avoiding the products that contain those allergens, and to seek medical advice on the consumption of any products containing these ingredients.

Yes, Entralive is quite safe and effective for animals. The amount given should be proportional to your pet’s weight: if it weighs a quarter of the average adult human, then divide the amount by four.

Entralive products

Entralive Maximal, Entralive Maximal Soy and Entralive Maximal Dairy all contain the same carefully selected Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis strains at the same total 30 billion probiotic organisms per dose. The differences between these products are in the prebiotic boosters used, and the extra ingredients used to improve solubility.

For most people (excluding those individuals with a rare pine tree allergy), we recommend the Entralive Maximal jar or sachet products or Entralive Maximal Plus jar product, as they are the most advanced products in our range.

Food sensitivities often dictate which version would be best for the individual. Please look at the ingredients lists to determine which product you would prefer.

All probiotic products have an expiry date. This is because bacteria are living organisms, so by the product’s expiry date, there are fewer living bacteria in the product than when it was packed.

Non-refrigerated probiotic products may contain far fewer live organisms than are claimed on the label at, or prior to, the date of expiry.

All probiotic bacteria will survive better when refrigerated. That’s why we recommend that our Entralive product is refrigerated on arrival, to ensure that the highest possible number of living probiotic cell numbers are maintained.

The reason our probiotics perform better than most available products, is the way we combine high doses of more effective probiotic strains with significant quantities of prebiotic boosters. Research has shown that these boosters increase the level of live probiotic bacteria in the small and large intestines beyond what would normally be delivered in a single capsule dose of probiotics.

These prebiotic fibre boosters feed our cultures along the entire length of the intestine which leads to vastly increased numbers of probiotic bacteria and reduced numbers of harmful bacteria. Our cultures also lead to the production of compounds called Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA), which help maintain the health of the intestine and add to the effectiveness of our products.

It is physically impossible to fit the amount of prebiotics and probiotics we use in our product together into a capsule format.

Additionally, when you swallow a capsule, it dissolves in stomach acid or bile, which greatly reduces the amount of surviving probiotic bacteria. Entralive powder dissolves in a glass of water so the cells do not have to rehydrate by sucking in acid or bile. This means that very many more beneficial bacteria are delivered straight to the intestine, where they’re needed.

The Entralive store

Our online store is the easiest and quickest way to order. We can also accept orders by phone during business hours (9am-5pm Monday – Friday GMT+10). You can pay by credit card, cheque or EFT.

Yes, definitely. Our online store will automatically calculate your shipping cost, based on your location. Currently, we only offer the Entralive Maximal sachet version overseas, because of its superior temperature stability during transport.

We despatch orders from Sydney Australia on the same day for orders received Monday to Thursday before 3.30pm. Orders received after 3.30pm on Thursday will be despatched the following Monday to ensure the freshness of the received product. Exceptions apply on public holidays.

Australia Post guarantees next-business-day delivery to post codes within the Australian Express Post zone, with some exceptions for remote locations. International deliveries will take longer – please refer to the Australia Post website for details on delivery times to your country.

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