Hear from customers of Entralive probiotics

Entralive synbiotic and probiotic products have been helping all kinds of people improve their gut health since 2004. The words below come directly from them, unedited.

KimMelbourne, Australia

Within the first week of taking your Entralive product I noticed an improved state of health. I felt stronger, lighter and happier, with improved digestive function and I have felt the support for heavy metal detoxing.

I have spent a small fortune on over-the-counter probiotics from pharmacies and health food stores. Nothing has compared to your product. As soon as I started to take it I could notice the difference. Honestly I felt I had been throwing my money down the drain on inferior products that had little to no effect in comparison.

Within two years of taking your Entralive formulas semi-regularly we have noticed a vast improvement in our health as a family – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Now I’m learning that even dopamine and serotonin are created in the gut and our mental and emotional states and our gut health are intrinsically linked.

Thank you John and team for your invaluable work and for improving the lives of my family and of many others.

CarolynneSydney, Australia

I started taking Entralive Maximal to assist with rejuvenating my immune system while undergoing chemotherapy. I found that it helped my overall wellbeing so much that I continue to take it every day. I feel better, I function better and I can’t thank John enough for his words of wisdom in the early days of my treatment and for the people in my life that encouraged me to ‘think outside the box’ that lead me to John and Entralive.

KatrinaSydney, Australia

They really are THE BEST!!!!!! Our family wouldn’t use anything else…life changing!

BrendaSydney, Australia

This is not a medical claim, just more a thankyou.

We have had our kids on probiotics for a while now and this winter, feeling particularly brutal, the kids did get sick, but they also managed without antibiotics which for us is huge.
I should add that this round of illness was the first time in almost the entire year.

For Hannah, we haven’t had any asthma in months. For Zach, he seemed to become unwell at least once every two months, and for him, having probiotics in his milkshake everyday, has made a massive difference to his wellbeing and obviously missing less school!!!

So thank you John Ellerman and Jonathan Ellerman – your probiotics are amazing!

Ps. And to all the mamas asking me about the probiotics that I have the kids on- well all I can say is do your research… not all probiotics do what they are meant to.

MelinaSydney, Australia

I suffered from bloating, tiredness and regularity. I was also under weight. After about 6 weeks on Entralive Maximal I am now not suffering from bloating and tiredness and have been more regular. I have also been able to gain weight, and everything appears to have normalised. I can thoroughly recommend the product.

IsabelMelbourne, Australia

I’ve been taking Entralive Soy for more than 10 years. I suffer from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and previously had severe constipation as part of the disease symptoms. Entralive has been a blessing for me. I find immediate relief from the associated discomforts of constipation when I when I take Entralive.

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