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Entralive probiotics contain up to 50 billion live cultures – more than almost any other probiotic product. Entralive advanced formulas can improve gut health, general health and wellbeing as well as assist in the treatment of digestive discomfort, bowel trouble and IBS.

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Entralive Probiotic Cultures

Why are Entralive Probiotic Products So Effective and so Superior to Other Probiotic Products?

  • Culture strain selection: The main function of a probiotic culture is to inhibit the growth and action of “bad” bacteria.  8 years of research at the Government-funded Cooperative Research Centre for Food Industry Innovation at The University of NSW, led to the selection of cultures that gave superior inhibition of bacteria such as E. coli.  This work was further supported by researchers at The NSW Department of Primary Industries and is represented in the following chart which best illustrates the results. Each grown-out probiotic broth culture was centrifuged to remove the cells and some of the supernatant liquid (containing the substances that each probiotic had produced) was added to separate, freshly inoculated broths of the pathogen, and incubated. The amount of growth of the pathogen was then measured and the probiotics were then ranked by the amount of their effect. The horizontal axis represents “no effect”. As can be seen, about a third of the cultures tested, stimulated the growth of the pathogen, which is opposite to the desired effect! Notice how different strains of the same species (eg L. acidophilus) behaved differently. We select from only the best strains in Entralive Maximal.
  • Entralive probiotics are Super Synbiotics: That is a combination of prebiotic boosters, blended with the cultures. We combine three different “boosters” to support the multiplication of the probiotics to very high levels in the intestine. Inulin boosts the bifidobacteria, particularly in the ascending colon, while the arabinogalactan further boosts them throughout the entire colon, giving “a boost upon a boost”. Trehalose boosts the lactobacilli. Work done by CSIRO Division of HumanNutrition demonstrated an almost 50-fold boost to bifidobacteria in pigs when they were fed a combination of similar short- and branched-chain prebiotics (in their case fructo-oligosachharide and resistant starch). It is important to note that capsules cannot contain enough prebiotic to provide a real boost because it requires several grammes to be effective.
  • Entralive probiotics are powders, not capsules: As well has containing much more and more effective prebiotics in each dose, the cultures rehydrate in a glass of water and therefore, unlike what happens with capsules, the freeze-dried cultures do not need to suck in stomach acid to come back to life and this dramatically increases survival rate through the stomach. The Bottom Line. All this adds up to the delivery of perhaps trillions of viable probiotic culture cells to the intestine. We all have about 90 trillion bacteria in our intestines, and it will require more than just the, say, tens of billions of damaged probiotic cells that can be delivered via a capsule in order to treat gut symptoms.

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Entralive probiotics work so well, our customers often send us messages to tell us how their health and wellbeing has changed as a result. You can read some of their comments here.

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What are probiotics?

Beneficial bacteria

There are 100 trillion bacteria inside your body, made up of over 1,000 different species. About 95% of these bacteria are found in your gut. They play a vital role in keeping you healthy.

For example, they help to break down the food you eat, and extract more energy from it. Combined with other micro organisms in your digestive system, they are known as your gut flora. Healthy gut flora is essential for your body’s wellbeing.

Everybody’s gut flora is different. That’s because gut flora is affected by diet, lifestyle and your environment. Any imbalance, such as through stress, changes to diet or illness can cause a change in your gut flora. This leads to a rise in the amount of harmful bacteria and a drop in the amount of beneficial bacteria.

Prebiotics and probiotics

Probiotics help maintain healthy gut flora and counteract digestive discomfort, such as bloating, bowel trouble or conditions such as IBS.

A healthy digestive system also supports your overall health and wellbeing, and helps you maintain a strong immune system.

When you consume a probiotic product, you are immediately multiplying the number of beneficial bacteria in your digestive system. This has a positive effect on your gut flora.

Entralive products contain probiotics and prebiotics. Prebiotics help beneficial bacteria to develop and grow, whereas probiotics are the micro organisms that help your body. By combining both, Entralive products help your body to maintain a healthier gut for longer.

Compare Entralive probiotics

Entralive Maximal

Probiotic for everyday use

30 billion friendly bacteria with fibre boosters

Perfect for keeping your good bacteria topped up every day.  Reduces & relieves digestive discomfort, intestinal gas, bloating and gut pain and supports healthy bowel function. Works to relieve and reduce stubborn digestive discomfort including IBS. Just add to juice, water or a healthy smoothie. Available in a jar or one-dose sachets. Click a product to see more details.

Entralive Maximal Plus

Super-strength probiotic formula

50 billion friendly bacteria with fibre boosters

This high strength formula is ideal for recharging your system if you’ve been taking a course of antibiotics and helps relieve stubborn digestive discomfort, including IBS. 1 heaped teaspoon a day can give a really positive boost to your digestive health.

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